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Characters Needed For #MimChroniclesRPG

 We need the Following Characters for my twitter RP group: 

 Immediately Needed:

 -Alaina~ Mim’s Sister/ Garrett’s Wife

 -Garrett: Alaina’s huband

 Other Characters:

  -Rune: Mim & Jadyn’s oldest Son and Child/ Rubial Estora

 -Kitara: Rune’s Wife/ Angelian Princess/ Rubial Estora

 -Emmett: Alaina & Garrett’s oldest son/ Esme’s twin

 -Esme: Alaina & Garrett’s Oldest Daughter/Emmett’s twin/ Normal Estora

 -Aidyn: Mim & Jadyn’s second son/ Triplet to Kadyn & Yadyn/ Rubial Estora

 -Shenandoah: Aidyn’s Wife

 -Kadyn: Mim & Jadyn’s third son/ Triplet to Aidyn & Yadyn/ Estora  

 -Anastasia: Kadyn’s Wife/ Angelian/ Psychic Rubial Estora

 -Yadyn: Mim & Jadyn’s Fourth Son/ Triplet to Aidyn & Kadyn/ Psychic Rubial Estora

 -Cassia: Yadyn’s wife/ Psychic Rubial Estora

  AND MANY MORE CONTACT: @TorturerMim or @MimsJadyn if interested.

Basic SL and Characters needed for My RP Group

The basic story of the Mim Chronicles is a girl -Mim- is born a twin to parents Kalik and Jasmin. Jasmine dies giving birth to Mim and Twin Alaina, so Kalik -unable to pain of wife’s death- leaves their home and takes Mim with him. In another part of the same country Jadyn -later to be Mim’s husband- is born to the King and Queen (Hedrick and Hasina) but Hedrick wants to send him to -ultimately- his death. Hasina -knowing this- sends Jadyn away with some sevants (Lewis and Mary Kalkana) to be raised out of Hedricks reach. But Hedrick does discover that Lewis and Mary have taken Jadyn and sets out to find him.

 Meanwhile in another country adjoined to that one; Kalik and Mim are working in the torture chambers and living comfortably as Mim learns the ways of the torture chambers and her father knows that time is running short.

 After three years (roughly) Hedrick’s men find Jadyn, kill both Lewis and Mary, and attempt to bring Jadyn back to Hedrick but Mim’s granfather Karlisle saves the day and takes Jadyn to live with him and teaches him the ways of the Estora (men and women who are chosen by dragons to be their ambassadors in the realm of men and who also help the dragons to get along with humans).

 After four more years, Hedricks men finally find the place where Kalik and Mim are hiding. They attempt to bring them both into hiding, but Kalik fights back and they are forced to behead him in front of little Mim, who in turn fights back. But at the age of seven is no match for five armed soldiers. 

 They take her back to Hedrick who introduces her to her twin (who was living with their grandmother -not the one married to Karlisle- all this time) and then tries to send them both to live in the inner chambers with his concubines. But Mim -after a stroke of brilliance- manages to fight her way out of the castle and get them both to the safety of the neighboring country where their father was torture master.

 They have a lot of fun along the way and eventually they both end up married to their soul mates and Mim ends up and Estora herself.

 If you want to know more or join ask ME! @TortureMim on twitter.

 We Need:

 Jadyn Kalkana (Mim’s Husband)

 Alaina Kaldrik (Mim’s twin)

 Garrett Kaldrone (Alaina’s Husband)

 and many more! 

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